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Virascope is walk-in optical instrument that turns patches of sky into 3D images of virus capsids. It's all mirrors and lace.

First deployment: Burning Man, where viruses are the secret payload in the I, Robot theme.
Fun facts: billions of viruses fall out of each square meter of sky every day; virus selfies make up ~8% of the human genome.

STATUS: Virascope alpha had a great run at Burning Man, and is now in transit to the east coast for build-out to Virascope beta. More pictures to come.

Profuse thanks to the teams:

Concept & design by Matt Brand. Comments, suggestions:  welcome .

NEXT STEPS: Virascope beta . . . 10x larger.


 join the team!

UPDATES, most recent first:

2018.08.25 Installed! In white-out dust storms, no less. Virascope proves to be rock solid in 50+mph sustained winds. However the 9' ladder did blow away twice.

2018.08.25 Assembled! Thanks to the many burners who visited to help put together the 3D puzzle. We now await a crane for site installation.

2018.08.06 Graphics/signage.

2018.08.05 Shipped! FEU container arrives Black Rock City 2018.08.23

2018.08.04 Disassemble, deburr, acetone wash, label, pack. 326 parts + 3 crates of tools, lights, electricals.

2018.08.03 On-site assembly plan, slings, & rigging.

2018.08.01 Mirror match & sort. Eliminate damaged/defective parts from vendor. Plan installation arrangement.

2018.07.31 2nd shipment laser cut steel has arrived!

2018.07.30 Electrical box.

2018.07.29 Test assembly of lower frame. Tight & strong.

2018.07.28 Solar-powered lighting system assembled and tested.

2018.07.27 Test assembly of optics and upper frame. 3D effect is very robust.

2018.07.26 Machining of all structural parts now complete.

2018.07.25 First shipment of laser-cut steel has arrived. Whew!

2018.07.21 Machined parts for articulated frame joints.

2018.07.17 Articulated frame joints are ready for CNC cutting.

2018.07.13 Revised frame design complete.

2018.07.12 Dome star hubs ... now with carbon fiber!

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